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Rex & Gina Younger’s New Project, Presenting: Power Couples by Younger Ranch–Starting 2024

Your Wedding Is Over–“Now My Dream Life Begins, Right? … Right?”

Not so fast, tiger! If you’re anything like us “normal folks” you’re in for a rude… well, just keep reading–because this is important.

From: Rex & Gina Younger
Bijou Basin, Colorado | West of West Bijou Creek
June 27, 2023, 11:06 AM

This is our “Love Letter” to our clients to start planning, preparing, and building for your dream life now. Start getting this education immediately–which after thirty-six years of marriage–we’re only now discovering.

We’re beginning to re-educate and recreate ourselves at 60 and 55 years old. DO THIS WHEN YOU’RE YOUNG, PLEASE. 🙂

Your life, marriage, family, and the legacy you build will be nothing short of incredible if you start now (we know you’ve already started and that’s amazing)…

… it’s just if you’re anything like 99% of people, like most “normal folks”, and like Rex and I were (it’s not your fault BTW)… We simply don’t know, what we don’t know.

Why are we doing this?

Here’s why:

Smart, Hard-Working, Good People Aren’t Getting What They Deserve–You Deserve So. Much. MORE.

“You can be the hardest working, most caring, most amazing person in the world and still not get the life you deserve because you simply don’t know the rules of the game.”

~ Rex Younger

Here is one such story.


The Steffens Family, our daughter – very first wedding at Younger Ranch 2014

“… yeah it’s not good. The economy and price of things hasn’t helped. It’s bad. Matt and I work so hard. All these days Matt has worked so much. And what do we have to show for it? … so many payments.

Like… I can work more but then we need someone to watch the kids and then never get any time off with Matt or kids. So then you end up working your life away

… there’s gotta be some other way! And not through multi level marketing! Ugh. Like Matt and I make decent money but if we pick up more shifts and work more … that’s more 12-hour shifts away from our kids and don’t have any time off with our family.

Just sucks… this time of year with holidays and birthdays.. and bills… I just want Paisley to be able to have a chance at horses because she loves them…

I just see everyone else doing it already and it’s fear of missing out and just feel left behind…

I wish I had the answers but I don’t… I’m sad about my own life because may not ever have horses or animals other than dogs 🙁 because horses and fencing and all that is too much money, trailers and tack…

I’m trying my hardest not to buy anything.. so we can save but the price of food and everything just adds up and barely have any money before next paycheck.

Life is stressful I’m tring to make dinner Matt’s on his way home and is on call again tonight.

He works then I work, we get one day off then he works then I work and back and forth every day, every week until kids are grown up. And we won’t have time for anything, Kash is already six.

~ Brooke Steffens, (our daughter) her real, raw emotions

This is not a money issue. This is an education issue. This is a holistic lifestyle, behavioral, emotional/mental, and spiritual issue. And we are to blame because we were the same! We taught her our ways.

We’re Tired of Being the Cliché–That old Saying, “Big Hat, No Cattle”


60-70% of people (Americans) live paycheck to paycheck. No savings. No time. No fun. No life. Stressful life. Stressful marriage.

Short on promises.

“How you do anything is how you do everything.”

Time for change. Time to get better.

Time for some humility and willingness to LEARN.

Time for some vulnerability.

Time to step out in courage.

2024 Marks Younger Ranch’s 10th Anniversary and Something BIG is Happening

Here’s to Solving BIGGER Problems: The “wedding venue” that’s not actually a wedding venue. Because it’s not about “getting married.” It’s not just “one day.” It’s your marriage, your life, your family, your legacy… and how amazing it can be when you get the right education.

You instill and adopt the right beliefs, habits, skills, ideas…

… we aren’t just a “wedding venue.” We aren’t just a “wedding factory” pumping out as many weddings as we can. Booking and cramming as many couples in a season as we can get.

We don’t want to be a business whose sole purpose for existing is profit.

Younger Ranch is a special place where your celebration and ceremony is the start of something MUCH, much bigger, your marriage.

… your life, the beginning of your family, and your legacy.

It means so much more to us than just a wedding.

And we know it does to you too.

We Are Rex & Gina Younger, the Owners, The “Reluctant Heroes” and Now The “Visionaries.”

We celebrated our 36th wedding anniversary on April 4th of this year, and in the spirit of growth, we’re embarking on a new journey, a new project.

One we think is more important than ever.

Do we want to step out of our comfort zone?

No way.

Do we want to be vulnerable and open up about deeply personal and embarrassing things?

No way.

Is it the right thing to do?


We’re excited to introduce our New Project: the “Power Couples” Mastermind Group where we’ll be revealing our wisdom & experience from over 35+ (soon to be 36) years of marriage…

Power Couples by Younger Ranch: Mastermind Group

The Private Community & Classroom Powered by Skool

…the things we did right, where we went wrong, the embarrassing stories.

And equally as important the things we’re only now discovering.

Life-changing secrets (we’re only learning about now after three and a half decades and lots of struggle) … things that would’ve made life much more exciting and powerful for us had we “stumbled across” this information, these secrets, in the beginning.

So? Without further ado, let’s not waste any more time. Let’s jump in and get started straight away, right now. Because even if you don’t end up joining, we want you to be able to walk away with some value.

Unfortunately, and fortunately (depending on how you choose to give the meaning) the truth is, people who don’t pay…

… they don’t pay attention. This is something smart people understand. It’s something that took us too long to discover.

That’s the whole point of this.

To save YOU the YEARS, and JUMP ahead further than you ever thought possible.

We cannot sit by idly and watch young couples make the same mistakes we did.

So here we go.

You ready?

Because here is the first “ah-ha!” moment. The first epiphany and lesson that’s too easy to dismiss.

Take the Secret Backdoor… Get a Mentor

Or ten, twenty, or thirty, and begin to SEE the PATTERNS

What did we do wrong? We thought we knew everything. We thought we were “smart.” Well, it turns out you can’t know what you don’t know.

Ever heard of the Dunning–Kruger effect?

The Dunning–Kruger effect is a cognitive bias in which people with limited competence in a particular domain overestimate their abilities.

In other words, it’s a cognitive bias in which/where DUMB people THINK they’re SMART… lol.

Happens to the best of us.

… because we’re human.

The trick is to not let our ego get in the way of learning something new.

Something that could make our lives far more fun, powerful, and fulfilling.

One of the amazing mentors we’ve stumbled across just within the past ten years is Jay Abraham (known as the 21.7 Billion-Dollar-Man and one of the most effective strategic marketing and business growth experts).

… and he has a beautiful philosophy and strategy that’s becoming clear to us just how powerful it really is:

“Most people in business fall in love with the wrong thing; their expertise, their company, their ideology, their methodology, and that’s okay but it’s limiting… the KEY is to fall in love with your client.”

~ Jay Abraham, The Strategy of Preeminence

As the owners of Younger Ranch (where many amazing couples are now getting married and starting their lives together), we can’t help but think back to the beginning of our journey.

To remember how innocent and pure our love was… Now looking back it’s amazing the life we built together.

And the growth both personally and together, as a couple, and finally as a family – it’s been incredible.


To think of how much MORE fun, fulfilling and powerful our lives could have been if we only stumbled across some little-known information EARLIER.

We Were a Little Naive–ok, a Lot Naive…

What’s that old saying? Oh yeah, “love is blind?”


“Love is blind?” Oh, boy was it.

I was 19. Rex was 24. Should we have waited? Probably. But in hindsight, we know everything worked out how it was supposed to.

Sure we regret some things. And that’s why we’re so excited we have this opportunity to share what we learned…

We’re not done yet!

Our golden years are now and still ahead of us.

Yours too.

There are Things–Had We Learned About Them 35+ Years Ago–We’d be in A Whole Different World

We’ve been studying. And there’s an old saying, “The best way to learn something is to TEACH it to someone else.”

Protégé Effect: teaching someone else is the best way to learn, according to research

The power of teaching on learning is real. It’s so powerful that researchers have given it a name—The Protégé Effect.

So let’s begin:

This is for the people who are fed up. The people who want to crush their life. You’re hungry. You’re looking to go to the next level. You’re fired up and you wanna make some cool things happen in your life.

Really cool things.

You have big dreams and big goals. You wanna live a life of significance, and impact, make a ton of money, serve people at a high level, and have the time and freedom to actually enjoy life.

One MAJOR thing you should know is, you need to:

Invest In Yourself & Assets Yesterday

Invest in your relationship. Invest in yourself. Invest in YOUR self-education more than your formal education. Invest money and TIME into mentors, books, courses, videos, podcasts, audiobooks, etc.

“Formal education will make you a living; self-education will make you a fortune.”

~ Jim Rohn

“The best investment by far is anything that develops yourself, and it’s not taxed at all… Ultimately, there’s one investment that supersedes all others: Invest in yourself. Nobody can take away what you’ve got in yourself, and everybody has potential they haven’t used yet.”

~ Warren Buffett

Invest in the “invisible” assets: you, relationships, friends, and clients… people.

People matter.

Invest in your health. Your diet. Your fitness. Your mental and physical health. It’s the only thing you’ve got.

“A healthy man has a thousand wishes; a sick man only has one.”

Invest in assets: something that generates returns every month regardless if you continue to exchange time or effort.

Time, Money & Freedom–What Everybody Wants But Nobody Has

The BEST thing you can ever buy with money is to: BUY BACK YOUR TIME. Separate your revenue generation from time. You can buy back the rest of your life.

The most important thing we can buy back is our time so we can spend it with the people we love the most, doing the things that matter most.

We have to remember our worth. Invest in ourselves so we can become more valuable to the marketplace.

Respect and value who WE are again.

AND ask ourselves the RIGHT question vs. the wrong one:

The WRONG question is: Am I worthy? (Am I good enough? … Can I really do this?).

The RIGHT question: “Is it worthy of me?”

Ask yourself if your future goals and vision are worthy of you because you’re more capable than you give yourself credit for.

Especially if you come to learn about what we’ve been learning about.

We’ve fallen in love with this stuff over the last 10 years and we think they’re good things to fall in love with especially if getting to the next level in your life and business is important to you.

Wanna take a peek further into this “whirld”? 🙂

It’s pretty neat in here.

“Here’s what’s exciting to me; just a few daily disciplines makes a great deal of difference in one year, three years, five years, just a few daily disciplines…

… ten years from now you will surely arrive. The question is where?

We don’t want to kid ourselves about where. We don’t want to kid ourselves about the road we’re walking.”

~ Jim Rohn

Everyone Is Their Own “Brand” Now, Everyone Is The Creator of Their Own Destiny; Everyone Is an “Entrepreneur”–the CEO Of “You Inc.”

The only question is, are you a good one?

“Everybody is in business for themselves. I don’t care if you’re working for the post office… I don’t care if you’re working for general motors or some large company…

… everybody is in business for themselves they just don’t realize it…

… even if you’re an employee, just rank and file, you’re still a company of one and you’ve gotta approach it that way and say, “I am in business for myself. How am I doing?”

~ Dr. Philon the School of Greatness podcast with Lewis Howes

“The truth is you don’t ever work for anybody else… it is true that somebody else is going to fill out the check… and somebody else is going to sign it, maybe all of your work career… but eventually because of your performance, and because of what you do, then you are going to fill in not only the amount of your check but the title you are going to acquire.

~ Zig Ziglar

Work SmarterNot Harder.

Most people are employees. You have a job. Nothing wrong with that. Until you start realizing your TIME is the most valuable thing you have and you can’t get it back. You can’t get back the lost time spent without your family.

And most entrepreneurs and “business owners” are stuck in the self-employed mindset. They work for their business INSTEAD of having their business work for them.

There’s NO leverage.

And it’s probably not where you want to be in the future.

So you need to understand this:

Making the distinction is important. It’s the difference between enjoying what you do and, not enjoying what you do.

One way you’re overworked. You don’t respect/value your time and your clients don’t respect and value your time. You’re not doing work you love. It’s not sustainable. And it’s not FUN.

The other way, you leverage your time by implementing systems to “can and clone” yourself, and you invest in high-leverage activities so you can multiply your efforts.

You own a system and it works for you.

You invest your money, and it works for you.

So you can take back the most precious thing you have, your time, and your time with your loved ones.

The Abe Lincoln Effect (Strategy)

“Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening my axe.”

Abe Lincoln

  • Slow down to speed up. The quick way is actually the slow way.
  • If you fall in love with the things that actually attract what you want (aka: the process) you don’t need to worry or stress anymore about “getting” and “wanting” and “needing.”
  • You’ll be able to rest easy knowing you’re on the right path and it’s only a matter of time.

“Learn how to be happy with what you have while you pursue all that you want.”

Jim Rohn

What We Learned (Over the Years) and What We’ll Be Sharing in the Mastermind Group…

  • How to NOT let “family” (in-laws Grrrr) get in the way of your life and marriage… this is a lifesaver and a game-changer
  • How to create your own way (financially) and not have to limit your worth… you and your spouse’s DREAMS by someone else’s idea of “reality”
  • How to develop yourself personally and grow together as a couple (the key to more fulfilling marriages)
  • How to keep having fun after the honeymoon phase
  • How to raise kids who don’t embarrass you but make you proud
  • How to get (or stay) healthy, fit, and not only on the outside but on the inside, yes on the inside, (confidence and INCREDIBLE mental health/EMOTIONAL intelligence).
  • How to cook and bake AMAZING dishes for EACH OTHER that will surely win over each other’s heart… hehe you think this isn’t important but it IS. There’s an ingredient ONLY you can add, that no other restaurant or chef/cook can (ignore this at your own peril)…

Everybody knows that old saying, “The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.” Surprise, surprise! It goes the other way around too. 🙂

The Mastermind is for Folks:

  • willing to do the work (gain the skills and knowledge) to achieve their goals and dreams
  • couples who are in it for the “long haul”
  • who are excited and eager to keep growing and learning and working on yourself and your relationship (the greatest project you’ll ever work on is yourself and your relationship)…
  • who want to serve
  • for couples who know just how powerful and valuable investing in themselves and their relationship (marriage) can be…

People Who Want:

  • growth in their marriage, their life, and family
  • to feel proud about who they are and what they do and contribute to their family, friends, community, and the world
  • a lifestyle that reflects their values (time, money, relationships, purpose)
  • want to feel good about how they show up in the world

The Mastermind Is not for People Who:

  • … aren’t in it for the long haul
  • … unwilling to do the work (lazy, entitled)
  • … are addicted to fake progress, people who would rather trick themselves into thinking they’re making progress when they’re not

If this sounds good to you, we’d love to have you join us on this journey.

The opportunity cost, the amount of not only money, but personal and relational growth we’ve missed out on over the years is sickening to think about.

We’re not joking when we say millions of dollars, and that’s the LEAST of the benefits of taking this stuff seriously. The people we could have become, the fun and adventure, the growth, the fulfillment and purpose… how much more powerful our lives could’ve been if we had started sooner.

Not to mention the TIME we could’ve gotten back with not only each other but our loved ones. The things that are priceless and irreplaceable.

We want that for you.

 Commitment: our mastermind group is our commitment to ourselves to keep learning and growing and a commitment from us to you to share the best of what we’ve learned and continue to learn on this journey.

Your investment is a commitment to yourself and your marriage/relationship to keep learning, studying, and growing. It’s the most important (most fulfilling) investment we can make.

Power Couples by Younger Ranch: ($99/month)

Our Group Mastermind


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Power Couples by Younger Ranch: ($997/year)

Our Group Mastermind


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We look forward to having you on the inside.


“… there’s a lot of psychological research about what happens when you invest money into your goals… when you invest money into something you become committed to it… it’s a concept called ‘escalation of commitment’ … and you also begin to build your identity around what you invest your money into.”

~ Dr. Benjamin Hardy, author: Be Your Future Self Now, The Gap and The Gain, 10X is Easier than 2X