Host Your Wedding at Our Fifth-Generation, Authentic, Private Colorado Ranch–Start Your Marriage The Right Way Embraced By Deep-Rooted Values

Younger Ranch is one of the last remaining original ranches in Colorado where time stops – and the pastures, meadows, and views, beckon you back to a place of peace.


 A place you can feel has deep-rooted values of integrity, goodness, hard work, family, and faith–embedded in every facet.

From the rich history of the barns, the grit and determination it took to work and doctor cows in snow storms, to the perseverance it took haying and building miles of fence in the blistering heat of the seemingly endless summer seasons..

… We’re the real deal. And so are you.

The Couples Who Get Married at Younger Ranch Choose This View As Their Place to Say, “I Do” Because it Reflects Back To Them Who They Are


Younger Ranch Ceremony Site (2021)

We hand-chose this spot on the ranch, well… (for obvious reasons hehe) and for reasons we think you know deep down.

This is what marriage means.

The wide open expansive pastures and meadows. The haying fields. The timber. And the views of Pikes Peak, all stand as a testament–and call you back–to the beauty of life and the journey we’re on.

The barbed wire fences. The cattle-working pens. The old barns, and ranch roads. The homestead of a family who stuck together as times got hard. It all showcases the beauty and values that life is made up of.

A commitment to the long (beautiful) haul, the thing we call life.

Welcome to Younger Ranch.

Please take a second and learn about our heritage. Explore the ranch. And see if what we have to offer is right for you.

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