The Story of The Ranch

How It All Started And How You Can Be Part Of It Too

Howdy there, Rex here! I thought I’d tell you about the Ranch, after all, I was raised here.

But first…

Can you believe my wife!? Telling everybody, here on a public website, about my cruel childhood nickname (sexy Rexy).


… oh well, this cowboy can handle it. Plus, it’s not too bad a nickname now. I’ll take it!

Now, sit back, relax and allow me to give you an introduction to Younger Ranch.

The year was 1914.

My great grandfather purchased the ranch. I’m willing to bet it looked a little (a lot) different 100+ years ago.

But you’ll still get that feel of the history and hard work and the connection of the generations as you step out on the land…

Now over a 100 years and five generations later, the hard work of preserving what matters continues.

Back then it was preserving the land. Providing for your family. Raising your children up the right way. 

Today it’s no different.

Despite the challenges every family faces (because everybody knows, no family is perfect)  we push on for what we know to be true.

… the belief in faith, marriage, and good over evil.

That people matter, and goodness still exists in a world where most just get caught up in racing and rushing and trying to “get ahead” of their neighbor…

Where most of us are bombarded with negative news (gossip) about what’s wrong in the world, we fail to realize the awesome world we actually live in…

… especially in today’s day in age. 

We have amazing technology, information and mentors to help us become all we were meant to be (but more about that later)…

Let’s continue with the tour of the ranch, ok!?

It all started like this… (but oh how it’s changed) Keep reading to see the transformation.

Now, let’s fast forward some and get a look at how we started the process of transforming Younger Ranch into what it is today…

… Listen, it wasn’t easy.

And things had to (as they say) get worse before they could get better.

Coming soon…