Younger Ranch, Inc. Policies

Ancillary Services 
Any services the client chooses the venue to provide after the contract is signed, the client will be invoiced. Invoiced amount will be due upon receipt. If payment is not made by the event date, these service fees will be deducted from the damage/security deposit.

Cancellation Schedule 
• If a cancellation occurs, the initial deposit of 50% of the base room rental charge will be forfeited.
• if the cancellation is less than 45 days from the event, 100% of the total venue rental is forfeited.

The client is liable for all damages, expenses and losses including theft and property loss, caused by any person attending, or providing services connected with the client’s use of the facility. Costs will be assessed and charged to the client and/or deducted from the security deposit.

The client and all vendors must coordinate with Younger Ranch’s management the use of all decorations 14 days prior to the event date. No decorations or other items shall be posted, nailed, screwed, glued or otherwise attached to the walls, floors, ceilings, furniture or other parts of Younger Ranch’s facilities or surrounding areas without prior approval. All decorations must be pre-approved by the facility. Only white “real” rose petals are allowed to be dropped outside. Any color of synthetic flower petals may be dropped inside.  If “real” petals are to be used inside, they must be white, as to not stain the concrete areas.  Bubbles are permitted anywhere on the property, balloons must be contained to indoor use only. Confetti, glitter, rice, feathers, or bird seed is not permitted anywhere on the property. Candles can be used at Younger Ranch as long as they fall within these guidelines: No open flames are allowed. All candles must be contained in a glass votive, hurricane lamps, or glass pillar vases.

Food & Beverage Service Management 
• The client is required to use one of Younger Ranch’s preferred, full-service caterers.
• All alcoholic beverages will be provided and served by the beverage catering company, Peak Beverage. Please note the ability to bring in your own liquor through Peak Beverage, does prohibit you from bar sales; your alcohol service must be hosted.
• Alcohol may only be served by trained bartenders hired through Peak Beverage..
* No shots are allowed to be served.
​• No alcoholic beverages will be served to anyone under the age of 21.
• The venue and catering partners reserve the right to refuse alcohol service to anyone.
• The select caterer will be responsible for setting all tables and chairs provided by the venue and re-stacking at the conclusion of the event.  All tables and chairs must be re-stacked in storage spaces, as they were found at arrival.

Hold the Date 
A date will be placed on hold for up to five (5) days. This will give the client first right of refusal on the date and space. Should another customer inquire about the date within this time, the client will be given 12 hours to secure or release the hold. To secure any date, a signed contract along with a deposit must be received. An event is not considered confirmed until the contract is duly signed and deposit is received.

On or before 14 days prior to your event, Younger Ranch requires you to provide a certificate of insurance for your event. The certificate must name Younger Ranch, Inc.  as an additional insured and is required to have a minimum of $1,000,000 in general liability. The licensee insurance will cover all vendors’ liability. Please select professional service companies that can meet this requirement. If a certificate of insurance isn’t received 14 days prior to your event, Younger Ranch may secure one for you, and you will be given a copy of the policy and billed $300.00 on your final invoice.

Location of Event 
It is the client’s responsibility to effectively communicate which venue(s) or location their event is being held (i.e. Reception Barn, Pole Barn, Ceremony Site, etc.) and to provide directions to these areas prior to guests arriving.

Noise Limits 
Volume control will be at the discretion of Younger Ranch management and within the legal limits of El Paso County law.

Parking/ Traffic 
Younger Ranch offers onsite parking in designated lots ONLY, which may at times, be in unpaved areas. It is the client’s responsibility to effectively communicate where vendors and guests are to park.  All traffic and directional signs/gates provided by Younger Ranch are not to be moved, opened, or tampered with.  Any person/vendor who disrupts the direction of traffic on Younger Ranch property will be held liable.  Vehicles are not allowed to be left on Younger Ranch property after the conclusion of the event. Vehicles parked in any areas other than the designated lots, will be towed at the owner’s expense.

Payment Policy 
Younger Ranch accepts checks, VISA and MasterCard. The damage deposit, assuming no damages occur, will be returned within 30 days of your event. The final invoice is considered past due if not received within 30 days of the event date. A charge of 1.5% will be assessed per month on the total unpaid balance. 50% of the base room rental charge is due at the time the contract is signed and is non-refundable. The balance 50% is due 30 days prior to your event date. The total facility rental required includes the $750 damage deposit. The damage deposit will be deposited into our account and returned to you in check form from our Ranch Account up to 30 days later after the wedding.

There are no pets allowed on Younger Ranch property without prior approval.

Rental Services 
Younger Ranch has a list of “in-house” inventory for use during an event.  Younger Ranch will provide clients with this list upon request.  Should the client require additional quantities and/or if they would like to select other designs, it will be at the client’s expense to secure. All rental items must be removed immediately following the event. Younger Ranch does have an exclusive partnership with Event Rents. Therefore, all rentals must be rented through Event Rents. When ordering a tent for your event, if applicable, a “Safety Package” is required.

Safety & Security 
For the safety of the client, all guests and guests of the clients are permitted to have access to the contracted use space. Private homes and livestock areas are off-limits at all times. Younger Ranch reserves the right to require the client, at client’s expense, to hire security personnel for the event should Younger Ranch determine it would be helpful to ensure safety and traffic control. Any loss or damage to the facility caused by guests, associates and/or staff may result in a damage assessment fee. Children must be supervised at all times and staffing may be required in designated areas. Younger Ranch prohibits any illegal activity or actions deemed inappropriate. Younger Ranch is an operating cattle ranch with livestock, open space and other areas including equipment rooms and such, which could pose hazards for the client and its guests when attending a function at the venue.

Security/ Damage Deposit 
A security/damage deposit of $750.00 is due 30 days prior to the event. If no additional charges are incurred during the event and there is no damage to the facility or its contents, the entire security/damage deposit will be refunded within 30 business days of the event.

Set-Up/Clean Up 
All personnel connected with the event may not be on the premises prior to or after scheduled set up/tear down, unless previously arranged with Younger Ranch’s owners. The client may be charged an hourly rate for additional time needed. Outside rentals/equipment not removed immediately following the event, will be disposed of with no liability to Younger Ranch and could result in charges against the client’s damage deposit. Younger Ranch is not responsible for any lost or stolen items.

Smoking, tobacco, marijuana, or other substances, is prohibited inside any of the Younger Ranch’s buildings.   Smoking of tobacco is only allowed outside in areas where proper butt and ash receptacles are provided.  Marijuana, in any form, is strictly prohibited in any and all areas on the Younger Ranch property.

Staffing Services 
One event staff is mandatory for all events and is included in the venue rental fee. Additional personnel may be required based on the event activity and/or layout of the event.

Time of Event 
The rental fee is based on 12 hours of consecutive use time, which is agreed upon between the client and Younger Ranch. All Events must conclude by 11:00pm. Tear-down to begin by 11:00pm with all rentals picked up by midnight. Additional hours may be secured for an extra, non-prorated hourly rate, and this cost is determined by the location, number of hours and how the space is used. The 12 hour time-block includes set up, event-time, and tear-down. It is the client’s responsibility to effectively communicate this and all policies to event vendors.
A recommended breakdown of the 12 hour time block is as follows:
• Corporate Events: 6 HR Event Time + 6 HR Set Up and Tear Down = 12 HRS
• Wedding Reception: 6 HR Event Time + 6 HR Set Up and Tear Down = 12 HRS
• Wedding Ceremony and Reception: 7 HR Event Time + 5 HR Set Up and Tear Down = 12 HRS.

Vendor Management 
Younger Ranch must approve all vendors. The client is responsible for all vendor activity during the sites, setup, event, and removal. All deliveries must be arranged prior to the event day and the delivery time approved if it falls outside of the 12 hour time block. All vendors’ supplies must be picked up at the conclusion of the event, unless prior arrangements have been made. All vendors must load in/load out and park in assigned areas. Parking area(s) will be designated and identified for all vehicles, including vendors. A list of all vendors and an event timeline must be provided to Younger Ranch no later than 14 days prior to the event.

Venue Rental 
The client and all guests, vendors and associates only have access to the space contracted. The signing of the contract indicates that the contracting party understands and accepts the full venue policies. An event diagram is required to be completed by the client and provided to the venue 14 days prior to the event. If changes to the diagram are made within 7 days of the event date, additional set-up/strike fees may be assessed. Fees are assessed for the relocation and re-set of existing furniture in all spaces.

Visiting the Ranch
Younger Ranch is a privately owned property.  No trespassing or walk-in visits are allowed by Younger Ranch clients, vendors, or the public at any time.  Tours are by appointment only and strictly enforced.  Clients, who have a contract with Younger Ranch, may request a “Visitor’s Pass” to gain access to the property for purposes of planning for their event, by contacting Younger Ranch Management only.

All clients holding an event at Younger Ranch are required to schedule a final walkthrough with Younger Ranch no less than 14 days, no more than 30 days prior to their event.  The client, Younger Ranch representative, client’s event planner, and a member of the client’s catering staff only, must all be in attendance.  Client and or event planner must have the following items ready for submittal by the end of the final walkthrough:

  1. Final Payment
  2. Room Diagram(s)
  3. Certificate of Insurance
  4. Event Timeline
  5. List of Vendors with Contact Information
  6. Wedding Planner Checklist (provided by Younger Ranch)

Weather Contingency Plan 
Outdoor venues are always susceptible to weather changes. Please discuss your contingency plans with Younger Ranch’s representatives. Any location changes need to be communicated no later than 24 hours prior to the event commencing and any associated fees will be disclosed for approval and reflected on the final invoice.

Wedding Rehearsals 
All wedding rehearsals are scheduled from 9am–10am on the day prior to the wedding.

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