story part 4

Younger Ranch Now…

OMG Rex! Those pictures are so embarrassing… lol

Don’t worry it’s Gina here again. Before you run off, please, watch this video to see what the ranch has turned into. You’re going to love it! 🙂

You’ve already come so far with your relationship. That’s why you’re here.

This is an exciting time for you.

And that’s what you should focus on.

So I want you to remember, we have your back. And we’ll help you create the one day that will forever change your life.

Your wedding day.

It’s a special time for you two. You should have fun on your wedding day. It shouldn’t be a stressful time.

It’s a time when emotions are high (not only for you but your entire family and all your friends)…

Let us take you by the hand and show you how to create a memory that will last your lifetime.

And yes, you can be nervous.

It’s normal. I wouldn’t be too nervous because we’ve got your back.

Everything will go smooth. 🙂 Promise.


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